Interior Design: What’s Trending in Austin

Interior design trends come and go and it can be difficult to keep up with trends. They change so quickly and there is just so much information out there that it can be overwhelming! Learning which colors are trending to what materials work well in the kitchen or how to style the living room tastefully is sometimes a tricky thing to gauge. Not to mention, style is very subjective. 

But, to give you a good starting point for updating your home’s interior design, we’ve compiled some of the top trends in Austin. 

10 Trends In Interior Design Austin

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Below, we explore some of the latest design trends, taken from interior designers in Austin. From color trends to top materials to incorporate, here the top 10 trends to inspire you.

More Pops of Color

Don’t be afraid to add pops of color to your home, it can make all the difference. As with anything, color incorporated tastefully and meaningfully into the interior design can be a wonderful way to elevate the home’s style.

Adding floral accents is a great way to incorporate color in your design. For example, floral wallpaper can be a great way to accentuate and draw attention to a particular area in a room.

That being said, colors like light blue on cabinetry are a no-no – it’s no longer considered modern. However, darker, moodier tones, like dark green, are in right now.

A Focus on Sustainability 

Sustainable furniture and decor are such a major trend with interior designers in Austin and, actually, pretty much everywhere. The movement to more eco-friendly design is very popular and there are far more options available now than there were about 10 years ago.

Using natural materials, like rattan, is also popular and more sustainable than plastic or any man-made material.

Reclaimed wood furniture is also a great way to be sustainable. Why not take it a step further and stain the wood for an even trendier take on the style?

Smarthomes for the Win

We all lead such busy lives so any extra help we can get our hands on is great! Enter the smart home. Smart home technology can make certain aspects of your home more functional. So, adding elements, like smart lighting, is the perfect way to upgrade your home.

Going Back To More Traditional Styles

The ultra-modern, uber-minimalist style has disappeared and we’re going back to more traditional styles. These lend themselves to a warmer, more luxurious feel than the minimalist styles do.

The traditional styles work well in any home and incorporate different elements, like color and texture, well. Think comfy sofas with billowy cushions, rather than an uncomfortable, stiff couch. 

More Greenery

Not only does adding some greenery to your home add pops of beautiful color, but they’re really good for your health too. Adding oxygen-enhancing plants like Ficus, Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, or Snake plants, enhances the oxygen production in your home and cleanses the air in your home. 

Adding these plants to your home will brighten your life and add your home design.

Less White-on-White 

The all-white kitchen was a major trend a few years ago and it had its time. Now, it’s time to move on. White is a great tone to incorporate into the design of your home, but adding prints and color as well makes it far more modern.

For example, you could transform your all-white kitchen, by keeping the white countertops but changing up your white cabinets to a natural-wood look.

Less Farmhouse, More Traditional

We all love the farmhouse-style home. It gives the impression of homeliness and warmth. However, there are other ways you can achieve that homeliness, but in a trendier and more modern way.

Using natural wood furniture, warm colors, and deeper, darker colors also adds a lot of warmth. 

It’s all about being modern, while still creating a warm, inviting home. Incorporating collectibles and meaningful items make a big difference – like adding family photos around the home makes it far more homely and inviting than an extremely minimalist home.

Creative Lighting

LED lighting can be a great way to update the interior of your home. You can add LED tape lighting under countertops or even under steps and stairs in your home. They even work well under floating shelves in the kitchen. There are different color tones, so make sure you look at what the style of the room needs – warm, neutral, or pure white light.

Metallics are In!

Now, we’re not saying that you need to kit your house out in full metallic! This isn’t an old sci-fi film, it’s your home. We are saying add accents of metallic – like a coffee table with a metallic frame or ornaments that are painted metallic gold or silver. 

Go for gold! Literally. 

Quality & Simplicity

Lastly, two important factors to consider, that go hand in hand, are quality and simplicity. Source quality materials and furnishings and you’ll see the difference. 

Yes, save money where you can, but a good quality oak dinner table will last longer and have a timeless elegance than say a cheaper option that will fade quickly and not outlast trends.

Keep it simple with your designs. Yes, it’s great to fill your home with everything you love. But, make sure you’re not overdoing it as that can quickly become cluttered and incohesive. 

Final Thoughts On What’s Trending According To Interior Designers Austin

Redecorating a home is a subjective thing. Everyone has different tastes and styles and learning what works is an art. There are, however, certain design elements that can be applied to almost any style and home. 

Certain tones and colors work well for most designs and accents are what take the design from good to great. So, don’t be afraid to buy that metallic gold coffee table or add the dark blue cabinetry to your kitchen. And, if you’re unsure, get in touch with a professional interior designer in Austin who can help you turn your ideas into well-executed designs that are not only trendy but timeless.

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