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Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an interior designer and a decorator?

The terms Interior Designer and Interior decorator are often considered to be interchangeable. However, there is a difference between the two. An interior decorator generally refers to someone who works purely with the decorative details of a home, such as: paint, wallpaper, furniture, décor, and window treatments. Interior designers do this, and much more; An interior designer will have formal training that allows them to consider architectural elements & details, the ability to draft construction documents and plans, and work alongside architects and builders throughout renovations and new build projects.

Does my project need an interior designer?

As a highly trained professional, an Interior Designer is able to provide advice and guidance on projects from small to large in scope. They understand not only the elements of style and design, but are experts at planning and overseeing even complicated remodeling or new build projects. When you work with an Interior Designer, you are given the expertise and a deep breadth of knowledge that will ensure your project moves smoothly and avoids costly mistakes and delays.

At what point during my project should I hire an interior designer?

A good Interior Designer can help you at any stage of the design process, but it’s to your advantage to begin your collaboration at the earliest possible stages. When you have a thorough plan in place and a designer to implement and guide it along, it will streamline the process. Jamie Naugle Interiors can handle every aspect of your project from the outset. From the initial meetings where we gather the information and help you determine your needs and goals for the space, to developing the timeline, then handling the construction, purchasing &  installation for all components–we will oversee it to completion. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy a well-executed plan that delivers a finished project that is truly customized.

How does purchasing through Jamie Naugle Interiors work?

Upon approval of the design following the design presentation, Jamie Naugle Interiors will submit proposals to the client that detail each item and their prices. Then the client returns the signed proposals with their signature and acceptance, along with required payment. JNI will handle ordering of all selections, oversee craftsmenship for custom pieces, and arrange shipping and delivery to the project location and/or warehouse.

How does Jamie Naugle Interiors charge?

JNI generally works on a flat fee basis for full-service projects.  This fee represents a well-researched and reasonable assessment of the time and resources required to professionally complete your job. The scope of work is defined and detailed in the Letter of Agreement and the flat fee is payable in installments defined in the Agreement. Contact us for more details.

I want to work with JNI! What’s next?

Please call us or fill out the contact form to schedule your initial meeting. The initial meeting takes place at your home in order to see the spaces first-hand.  If you’re working on a new build or a major renovation, we can meet in our office to review your plans. In addition to the plans, please bring along any inspiration photos or ideas that you have collected. At the first meeting, we will discuss your budget, your lifestyle, and your design preferences — in addition to a process overview.